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The Android-Kotlin Development Guide | Udemy


The Android-Kotlin Development Guide | Udemy

The Android-Kotlin Development Guide using Kotlin Coupon / Udemy coupon for 2 days completely 100%FREE during this Everything you wish to know about تعلم الاندرويد الاندرويد بأستخدام الكوتلن من الصفر

This page  is written by Udemy's an extremely popular author Hassan Fulaih . It absolutely was last updated on August 10/2021. The global  of this strategies  Is Arabic, but even have Subtitles (captions) in Arabic (AR) languages for higher understanding. This code  is posted below the categories of The Development, Mobile Development, Android Development.

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  • لكل شخص يريد ان يدخل الى عالم الاندرويد

      Requirements Course:

      1. تحتاج أن تكون ملم بأساسيات الكوتلن وخصوصا البرمجة الكائنية

      Desorption Course:

      هذه الدورة المفصلة في المستوى الاول والثاني من الاندرويد بأستخدام كوتلن حيث افترض الشخص الذي امامي لا يعرف اي شي عن الاندرويد ستوديو

      ستتمكن من خلال هذه الدورة من الدخول الى عالم تطوير تطبيقات الاندرويد

      تتميز هذه الدورة بأنها مفصلة ولكن ليس فيها تشعبات وتفاصيل غير اساسية

      لقد غطيت في هذه الدورة العديد من المواضيع مثل
      1. Layouts
      2. Res Files
      3. Toast
      4. View
      5. SetOnClickListener
      6. Intent
      7. WebView
      8. Ic Icon Luncher
      9. APK
      10. PutExtra
      11. IntentFilter
      12. Get Data From Activity
      13. TextWacher
      14. Animation
      15. List View
      16. Custom ListView
      17. Recycler View
      18. Grid View
      19. Spinner
      20. LayoutInflater
      21. AlertDialog
      22. Fragments
      23. Scrollable Tabs
      24. ((Material Design))
      25. Data Storage
      26. Location
      27. ((Firebase))
      والكثير الكثير

      Should you learn Kotlin?

      Now that Google are pushing so hard for Android developers to use Kotlin, we are seeing a dramatic shift to Kotlin - It's similar to the iOS situation a few years ago with Objective-C when Apple released Swift.

      Fast forward a few years and everyone is using Swift. This is starting to happen with Android app development. Developers who used to use Java are switching to Kotlin. You can see why Google want this to happen. They have been in court numerous times with Oracle (the owners of Java) relating to a dispute over the use of the Java language.

      Google want developers to adopt Kotlin so that they don't have to worry about Java any more.

      The recent Google I/O conference show mainly Kotlin code examples. You can see where we are heading. Kotlin is the future for Android app development.

      Soon there will be few Java developers writing Android apps - they will be using Kotlin.

      The good news is, we've bundled a complete Kotlin tutorial we wrote from scratch with the course. So not only do we use Kotlin in this course (teaching best practices along the way), but we also include a complete Kotlin tutorial as well. You will learn how to use the Kotlin language in this course.

      What I am going to learn?

      1. المفاهيم الاساسية الخاصة بالاندرويد
      2. ستكون قادر على أنشاء تطبيقات الاندرويد بأحترافية

      Course content:

      1. 7 sections • 55 lectures • 9h 51m total length

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