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Create Marketing Campaign 2023 with Digital Marketing Tools | Udemy


Create Marketing Campaign 2023 with Digital Marketing Tools | Udemy

Create Marketing Campaign Udemy For tow days completely 100% Free during everything you want to Create a Marketing Campaign Start to Finish with latest Tools - Placement of Marketing Campaign in Different Platform

This course is written by the very popular author from Udemy Ali Raza Raamay The most recent update was August 11/2022. The language of this course is English, but also have sub-titles (captions) in English [US] languages to better understand. This course is shared under the categories Marketing, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics

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Is this course right for you?

If you are wondering what you will learn or what things this best Udemy courses  will teach you after getting  courses Udemy  free coupon. Learn Create Marketing Campaign 2023 with Digital Marketing Tools | Udemy: Okay, here are a few things.

  • Intermediate Level

    Requirements Course:

    • You must have basic level of knowledge about Digital Marketing

    Description Course:

    Congratulations, You Found It!

    The sheer number of tools available to marketing teams today can sometimes feel overwhelming. Which tools should you use, when and how should you use them, and what can you do to get the most out of your campaign? In this step-by-step, beginner-friendly course, digital marketing expert Ali Raza Raamay shows you how to create a digital marketing campaign from start to finish, with a practical overview of the essential tools to get up to speed.

    Explore the nuances of building a successful campaign from the ground up, from forming your strategy to content creation and preparation before the launch, through campaign execution, to performance analysis and postlaunch review. Ali R. Raamay is your expert guide, even if you don’t have any marketing experience. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to create a leading digital campaign using Airtable, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Canva, HubSpot, WordPress, and more.

    This is a 100% Practical Course - Get Ready for Hands-On Experience from the First Lecture!

    Why is a digital marketing campaign necessary for your business?

    A digital marketing campaign is integral to any business's overall marketing strategy. Digital marketing allows businesses to reach customers more cost-effectively than traditional marketing channels. It also allows companies to track customer engagement in real-time and to tailor campaigns to specific audiences. Digital marketing also allows businesses to reach customers faster and more efficiently. With the right digital marketing strategy, companies can increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and drive sales.

    "Why This Course"

    Learning to design a digital marketing campaign can be a great asset to any business. Learning to develop a digital marketing campaign is a great way to increase your digital marketing knowledge and skillset.

    This course will help you create effective campaigns that reach the right people with the right message for the right reasons.

    It can help you keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape to stay ahead of the competition.

    It can help you create more cost-effective and time-efficient campaigns.

    Course Goals:

    • Grow Your Business Online
    • Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
    • Work as a Digital Marketing Freelancer
    • Course Outline:
    • Set Marketing Campaign SMART Goals with Airtable.
    • Determine Campaign Target Market with Google Analytics.
    • Specify a Budget for Your Digital Marketing Campaign.
    • Determine Channels and Messaging.
    • Develop a Content Plan in Airtable.
    • Create Marketing Campaign Content with Canva.
    • Perform Keyword Research with Ubersuggest.
    • Prepare Website Landing Pages with WordPress.
    • Run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising with Google Ads.
    • Post to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with Hootsuite.
    • Perform Email Marketing With Hubspot.
    • Find Affiliates and Influencers for Your Campaign.
    • Add Goal Tracking to Google Analytics.
    • Review Campaign Performance with Google Analytics.
    • Reevaluate Your Campaign Goals.

    Who this course is for:

    1. Website Owners
    2. Business Owners
    3. Social Media Marketers
    4. Digital Marketers
    5. Newcomers
    6. Brand Owners
    7. Side Hustlers
    8. Freelancers
    9. Love & Regards
    10. Ali R. Raamay

    What I am going to learn?

    • How to Develop Digital Marketing Campaign
    • How to Create and Prepare Content for Your Campaign
    • How to Execute Your Digital Marketing Campaign
    • How to Analyze Your Campaign and Performance
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